IHS/ICS Personnel Attend
TTOS Combat Tracking Course

During the week of February 18-27, several members of the IHS and ICS staff took part in a 5-day, combat tracking course taught by David Scott-Donelan of the Tactical Tracking Operations School (TTOS: http://members.aol.com/mantrack). Scott-Donelan is a remarkably knowledgeable individual with an extensive combat background (see Hop-Lite No. 13, for an interview with David Scott Donelan, as well as a full review of the tracking course).

The TTOS course is primarily aimed at training military and law enforcement personnel, several of whom were involved in this particular course.

Part of the aim of the IHS/ICS involvement in the tracking course was to gain some insights regarding tracking and its relation to combative behavior. Tracking is closely tied to predatory behavior in humans, and the IHS/ICS is investigating that link for possible use in training certain factors inherent in combative behavior and performance.

An important aspect of the tracking program as taught by Scott-Donelan and TTOS, is the distinction made between rescue tracking and combat tracking. The combat context of the TTOS course provided important insights into the demands upon the individual involved in tracking a dangerous prey.

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